Performance Management

Does Performance Managing an Employee work?

In my opinion, as an HR professional who has been involved in plenty of performance management cases, it’s a pretty awful process and generally leaves its’ mark on those involved and the organisation. I know first hand that ‘performance managing’ someone in your team has connotations of #micromanagement which is never a suitable framework for an experience-driven business looking to thrive. When we decide to ‘manage performance’, we have usually decided that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. In some cases that surfaces a capability issue or another issue that is impacting the employee at work that requires compassion and support. However, in my experience, the process also surfaces that there are other issues to consider that often points to poor recruitment practices; lack of support and/or the resources needed; team structure and team dynamics just not right; inexperienced/ineffective or poor leadership and finally a negative culture within the business. If any of these issues do surface, it’ possible that the employee doesn’t understand; is unwilling or unable to perform to the desired standard. If so, not only is the employee not reaching the desired standard – neither is the business. A more constructive approach is needed to influence change and it isn’t just down to the employee. Embedding a #coachingculture into your organisation can improve communication and boost confidence which are key tools when tackling contentious issues in a safe space without blame, shame or judgement.