Organisational Development Services

Creating the right cultural environment that empowers and aligns your employees to deliver your business strategy is key.

Since the onset of the global pandemic, many businesses have had to adapt and change their business strategy and the way in which their people deliver work and services to thrive, or in some cases, survive.

I’d love to work with you on your transformation journey.  I’m passionate about supporting your business to create the right cultural conditions; ensuring your people have clear understanding of your purpose; that individuals and teams know and develop their strengths; and that your key people can access coaching support.

Drawing on my years of experience leading and working at Executive level, I can support your organisation to develop a clear vision that can be translated in to impactful action.

Taking a helicopter view of your structure and processes, I’ll offer guidance, support, tools and techniques to align each unique strand of your business to support the delivery of key accountabilities.

I’ll work with you and your leadership team to focus on building impact through reviewing strengths and developing confidence in communication, leadership, time, conflict, and people management.

Culture and Development

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How would you describe your business culture?

Would your employees agree with you?

It’s well established that businesses with a positive, supportive and trusting culture that is values driven are more likely to have the impact needed to attract and retain its employees and customers.

Investing in the development of yourself and your workforce and regularly auditing and reviewing organisational culture is a key business step that I’m motivated to help you with.

I can help you design and deliver, for example:

  • Staff Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Exploring Psychological Safety and how it correlates with Staff Engagement

Workplace Wellbeing

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We have all heard the saying that ‘people are your organisations most valuable asset’, and it’s true!

The global pandemic has brought many challenges for businesses and individuals.  It’s widely reported that many of us will have or be experiencing stress, burnout, anxiety, loss of motivation and confidence, and this can impact significantly on our lives and how we ‘show up for work’.As an employer, you will already be supporting wellbeing in the workplace.  You and your managers will be checking in with teams to ask how they are doing and putting in place a range of measures to support your workforce.  However, you and your leaders also need these ‘check ins’ too – and that is where I come in!

Using my coaching skills and passion for workplace wellbeing.  I’m well equipped to offer regular or drop in support to you and your management team (or anyone in your organisation) be it virtually or in person.  

I can provide ad hoc coaching support sessions for your staff as and when they want it at a time that suits them simply by booking a 30 minute slot in my diary.  Or a more structured coaching approach to those who know that they want to fix something specific and need a few sessions to work through this.

Business Coaching and Development Services

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With over 30 year’s experience of supporting and leading people; successfully achieving a Diploma in Business Coaching through an ICF accredited programme; and having transitioned from an Executive level position,  I work with organisations to support their key employees through providing one-to-one coaching and tailored workshops to support:

  • Strengths audit and review
  • Leadership skills
  • Confidence and interpersonal relationships
  • Wellbeing, stress-management, burn-out
  • A Coaching Approach to Line Management
  • Career development and promotion
  • Performance at work whilst managing professional (or personal) challenge or, change
  • Returning to work
  • Supporting your ‘plate spinners’ who juggle so many responsibilities in and out of  work
  • Returning to work
  • Developing confidence and assertiveness
  • Maximising Impact
  • Acknowledging and working with your Emotions